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Terms & Conditions

MSG Provider offers thrilling packages and discounted features while extending the qualitative Text Messaging service to the potential clients. Immense effort is made to provide the Users a satisfactory access to the target audience to send their messages speedily across the globe. Therefore, the following Terms and Conditions define the rules and regulations applied while accessing the prestigious messaging services that are offered at very affordable rates round the globe, creating notable ease in branding your line of products and services:

Account, Features & Ease

By agreeing to accept our services, the User is given access to the private account and shall have complete ease of utilising the multifaceted features to organise their received and sent messages. Due to such additional services, it is very easy to systematically allow setting the messages to avoid any confusion. Moreover, the User can also schedule the Text Messages to send on time.

Text Messaging Services

You can subscribe to the popularising Text Messaging Services by registering and acquiring an account, in which the recipients’ details can be stored for quick sending of message. MSG Provider strives to provide international network coverage. However, the services may vary as they are subjected to the compatibility of the service providers’ accessibility in different regions.

Account Evaluation & Termination

Users accept that the text messages are encrypted and secured until they utilise the secure platform that we have provided. However, if other sites are visited, the commercial aspects may be considered alone and the useful information may be passed or shared without the guarantee of security of data. As the User rightly uses our services, they can access it 24/7 from any location as mentioned, on the other hand, termination of account may be resulted if wrongly used.

Policy of Data Extraction

The collected data pertaining to the User is safe with us as it can be accessed by the highly authorised individuals only. In addition, we shall never sell or redistribute the information that comprise of the contact details and billing information. Plus we keep the Users informed about the updates by frequently sending them emails to discuss the specialised features and discounts.

Miscellaneous Acts

User has to comply by making on time payment and shall be closely monitored to check if the promised terms are implemented or the required actions are taken upon the right time. If not, we are entitled to make the proceedings and lawful claims against any User and he or she shall be subjected to pay the costs of the attorney, as per the clauses stated under the Policy of company.

Wrong Use & Suspension

Make sure that you are not using our forum to misguide any individual or groups by sending messages that are misleading or fraudulent. In order to prevent the risk of such act, MSG Provider may check random messages to verify that you are correctly using the services. However, if User is found guilty, we reserve the right to cancel their registration immediately.


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